Friday, 1 May 2009

The Beginning

Well, it all started about a 17 months ago. I was a 41 year old, bored, overweight, mum and housewife.I was happily married but we had sex abut 3 times a year, which for a passionate woman like myself was depressing and deflating. I had been pretty hot once upon a dream but that had been trampled on by tiny feet, endless nappies , washing and household chores. It happens to the best of us. One day i just decided, enough was enough and i needed to find myself a lover. I had always been bi curious and so the search was on , for a woman. Not just any woman. I think like the stereotype alpha male. I wanted a woman with big boobs, tiny hips and luscious blond hair, who was going to fulfill my masseur fantasy in her tight t shirt and little thong. It didn't quite happen like that but god what a journey i have had. A roller coaster of women and men and even some at the same time. I began my search by joining an adult befriending club. It was pretty exciting filling in my details and quite liberating too. I certainly burned my bra when i photographed my then 36G boobs in a see through , wet blouse and posted it on my profile. God, it felt good! It upped my self esteem by millions. I put on my profile that i was looking for a woman, but then thought what the hell so i added men to my list and then couples, oh and groups :) I decided i was going to live life and experience all my fantasies.The profile went live and hundreds of messages flooded in. I was a huge turn on and made me feel sexy too .I felt bad i could only reply to a few a day so i upped my membership and attempted to answer all emails but it was overwhelming. It was pretty interesting the different replies and the age range in men. I had 18 year olds right up to 70 year olds. I was impressed !! I hope I'm still able to at 70. I just hope someone wants to have sex with me at 70. Maybe that's a different blog for a few years time . My journey to Gilfdom !!Some men, write erotic stories and long explanations about themselves, while others say, "wanna meet up for sex?" I always wonder if the latter ever get a reply saying, "yes please?" It's a hot idea to meet a stranger for sex but of course, you never really know who the nutters are so a little bit more contact is generally needed to wheedle them out. Then you have the people who want to send their cock. Nothing wrong with that but as a woman i think we like to see faces and i personally like the surprise when i unzip his trousers. It's a bit like their cocks are their CV's. "LOOK AT MY BIGGUN" The truth is , i don't believe size matters. It really is what you do with it , so any men reading this fear not. I think the best course of action is an email that is just honest and open. You can be sexy at a later date. I like the emails from women best of all as when another woman tells you are hot, you can believe it. The couples are always pleasant, but of course, many of the women think they are bi but really they are going along with it to be sexy and please their husbands. It's fun being the elusive female that the couples all want for their threesome fun. After a week, i had found that i had a few favourites. One was a man, who seemed different to the rest in his reply , plus he was pretty hot too. A woman, who i instantly got along with and could chat for hours too about sex and all our other moans and groans. A young man of 26, who was gorgeous but at that time, all i could think was, what is wrong with him? Why would he want an old woman , when he could feel the soft skin of youth. I was looking for a woman and i knew i would prefer that so why didn't he, but it was also intriguing to find out. Another youngish man who didn't talk sex at all or ask to meet. Again, a different approach but it worked. I was spoilt for choice but opted to meet a man first rather than a woman as it felt familiar territory and i do love cock . He was a little younger than me at 37 but seemed normal enough so we arranged to meet for a drink. That's when it hit me that he would see more than my 36G boobs, my prize possession and that i was actually short, fat and old but inside i had such passion to share and i just needed someone who wanted to bring it out.